photo cred: Katherine Wang

Hello there!

I'm Charissa, and I'm here to help you make beautiful, effective things.

I cut my design teeth in film school, working with some amazing people and Muppets (yes, Muppets...check out my resume). Since then, I've had the privilege of creating and teaching for a living. I've worked with exciting companies like Apple, Pandora, LearnUp, and Lark, and you can read more about that here if you want the resume-style version of the story.

What I do:

  • Strategize multi-immersive experiences for change
  • Refine your message (words and pictures)
  • Create learning programs that actually work
  • Give you tough love about why your people don’t buy your message (it probably doesn’t look good)
  • Visualize your brand
  • Help you understand your core audience 

Tasks like:

  • Strategic planning for Learning/Development /Comms initiatives
  • Creative direction
  • Keynote strategy (content and visuals)

When do you need me?

  • You want an out of the box visual, learning, and comms experience for your internal programs
  • You’re about to go on Shark Tank, and your brand was created in Microsoft Paint
  • Your employees are embarrassed to share your corporate slide deck when they go out on meetings
  • You need your people to do something differently, and know that clicking through a powerpoint won't cut it.

The resume only tells part of my story. So, please get in touch, and let's chat (preferably over an ice cold Dr. Pepper).